Welcome to BwTorrents

Read this rules carefully, and you wont get banned/disabled.

General Rules - If you breach these rules, you will receive a ban!
    Do not upload our torrents to other trackers!
    No inappropriate behavior in Forum or PMs.
    BASHING of other sites will not be tolerated.
    No aggressive, unfriendly or racist behavior anywhere on this site!
    Do not comment on Moderators' decisions like closing, moving or deleting topics.
    No links to Warez, crack sites and other Romanian trackers on this site.
    Do not request or post serial, CD keys, passwords or cracks on this site.
    You will receive a single warning! Next to DISABLE!
    Zero activity accounts (0 bytes download and 0 bytes upload) are automatically deleted after 30 days .
    Inactive accounts under VIP and without parked are automatically deleted after 40 days .
    Users who have multiple accounts automatically receive DISABLE all.
    Any Fake upload, Ghost leeching, will bring DISABLE and BAN IP regardless of the class it has.

Rules for download - Not following these rules you will lose your download right or account!
    Aria2-Telegram BOT users!

    Please be reminded that if you are caught using aria2, it will lead to ban of your account without warning.

    For those who don't know, aria2 is used by Telegram bots. And they are prohibited.

    Telegram BOT against the community guidelines so your account will get banned.

    Small installments can have serious consequences, including account deactivation.
           Less than 0.4 is sanctioned with 2 weeks warn and if it was not rebuilt with Disable !

           * Rules for Hit and Run
           * The minimum torrent rate must be at least 1.0
               (if you downloaded 1 GB you have to stay at seed until you do and 1 GB upload on torrent).

           * In order not to be considered Hit and Run you must have a total of 72 hours seed cumulated in maximum 7 days.
              Only if you have ration over 1.0 on torrent then this rule is ignored and you can get out of the seed.

           * The sanctions (depending on the percentage of torrents hit by Hit and Run) are:
                      Percent  > 20%      Hit and Run :     2 weeks warn.
                      Percent  > 40%      Hit and Run :     4 weeks warn.
                      Percent  > 60%      Hit and Run :     8 weeks warn.
                      Percent  = 100%    Hit and Run :     Disable !

           * If you have active warnings and you do Hit and Run : Disable !

           * After the 2nd warning follows : Disable !

           * The torrent free they do not record the download but they do NOT are exempt from the Hit and Run rules.
               The same rules as normal torrents will be applied, with the same consequences.
           * Only VIP + classes are exempt from the Hit and Run rules!

    Torrent clients accepted on this tracker are the following:

          uTorrent | BitTorrent | Azureus | Vuze | Transmission | KTorrent | Deluge | BitTornado | BitSpirit | BitComet

          Only the latest versions on the Internet are allowed.

General forum rules - Please follow these rules or you will receive a warning!
    No aggressive behavior on the forum.
    Do not spoil the topics of others through OFFTOPIC (SPAM).
    No adult language both in the forum and topic title.
    Do not tell other users to read rules or The most common questions and do not comment on their ratios.
    Do not ask to close or move topics. This is at the moderators' attitude.
    There will self-congratulations (my birthday, are power user, etc.) and do not create topics elsewhere. If in doubt, ask a Moderator.
    Please do not use the avatar of other users. Create yourself or ask someone to do one.
    No forum bouts ... All threads will be deleted.
    No doubles. If you want to post again and your post is the last in the thread, use the button EDIT.
    Please make sure all posts are in the right category.
    Last but not least, please read The most common questions before asking a question!

Rules for torrent comments - Violation of these rules is sanctioned with a warning!
    Always follow the uploader!
    Limit your comments to that torrent.
    If you do not have the slightest intention of downloading a torrent, do not comment.
    Do not comment on upload speed!
    Do not post comments INUTILE! ex: (Primu commenting / Just similes without writing).
    No links to other sites
    If you do not like the description of the torrent, you can search google and eventually you can post a more complete description.

Rules for Request - Failing to observe these rules will lose the right to download!
    Do not ask for anything else yet NOT APPLIED / NO EXISTENCE .
    Do not ask for something you already have just to "help" to seed.
    Do not make more than one request per week.
    Do not request without giving details:
    Do not request RESEED .
    Do not request PACKAGES .
    Do not request 0day .
    Requests that do not fit in these rules will be [deleted] without comments and the responsible user will receive a 2 weeks warning and in the descriptions of "super game / film beak and so on"

Rules for Avatar - Try to follow them
    Supported formats are .gif, .jpg, and .png.
    Resize your images at a width of 150 pixels and up to 250KB. (Browsers will resize them anyway: small images will be magnified and will not look good, large images will use unnecessarily bandwidth and processor).
    Do not use the avatar of another user.
    Do not use offensive material including porn, religion, cruelty to humans and animals, or ideologies in images. Moderators decide what images are acceptable. If in doubt, give a PM to a moderator.